Mbed NXP LPC1768 microcontroller

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Anybody have experience with this? I have a acquired one complete with application board but haven’t be able to make much headway with it.

I realise this model is quite old now (2009) but responses from the relevent mbed forums seem to indicate that it is still somewhat usable and relevant.

I spent a lot of time with mbed and the 1768, I actually submitted some bugfix too, what do you need?

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Official support from Mbed was long gone,
Its time to swap back to MCUXpresso

Thanks Andrea/Zitian

The board is not recognised in Keil Studio Cloud which is the latest mbed online compiler. Responses from the forum suggested updating to beta firmware released in 2022 but this made no difference.

I had better luck with mbed studio where it was recognized and where the ‘Build and Flash’ process appreared to complete successfully. However the example programme didn’t appear to be running as a result as no LED was blinking.

Prior to this I had downloaded a blink programme from the website and copied it across manually and that did work. Note however the download page does state that this related to a depreciated version of mbed.

I will have a look MCUXpresso.


Right, so, if is the classic mbed development board you have the swd programmer onboad, does it show up as mass storage or jtag in your system? I think it might be a drivers problems.

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I have tried it with Windows 10, Mac (Big Sur) and Linux Mint 21.2. It shows as mass storage in all three. Windows 10 reported errors however when running Build and Flash. Think these were only naming issues though as was fine with Mac and Linux.

mbed and mbed OS are two different piece of software.

mbed 2 it’s very old and it’s basically a bunch of libraries, mbed 6, or mbed OS it’s catered mostly to cloud infrastructures.

both use different bootloader, so you will need to flash the one you want to use.

Are you trying to do something in particular?

Thanks Andrea

No nothing particular. It was on Freecycle and nobody was claiming it so thought I would see what it was about. I have used a Pico recently for a project so thought this might come in useful for something else down the line, or alternatively set off some ideas. Perhaps best I bring it along to SLMS one Thursday as have been intending to pop along at some point anyway?

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It’s a very powerful chip, has a great DAC and usb host, I had a lot of fun with it