Mayku have just announced a desktop pressure former!

This does feel a little revolutionary!


@Dani_Clode this might be of interest

Hi Dermot, :smiley: ive been designing one for a while and I think I can do a very large one for around £300.00 pounds ,ive compiled a parts and materials list when the space is some what back to normal I shall be building it and it should be able to do up to 5mm perspex , Brian D=

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Pressure former, rather than vacuum former?

The result for the item you are trying to make would be about the same although a pressure former the detailing would be better . What materials can be used for the pressure former, a vac former you can use about 6

Normal sheet material as per vacuum former, plus resin and ‘thick silicon’ according to this article (early bird sales start tomorrow morning)

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Just seen it’s 1500-2000£.

Yes, pretty amazing really

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The sooner it is ordered the less money gets spent…

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I haven’t seen any interest from members yet

Interested : )

Anyone else interested? The price is low for the next 4 hours, then it will be too expensive…


what’s the difference to the one we already have?

More precise and much faster.

Good point tho. We have a small thing no-one uses already. Not counting you forming bagels. Lol!