March Craft/Textile night - Shisha embroidery - non-members welcome

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First Tuesday of the month is Craft & Textiles night.

Topic - Shisha embroidery

Come and try the ancient craft of Shisha embroidery. A technique from India where small mirrors are incorporated into designs


This is not a training session or class, but I will bring materials and instructions so we can try the techniques together (I’ll be watching a lot of YouTube in advance :laughing:)

Everyone welcome.


Just popping this up the discussion list - a reminder that this is tonight. Everyone welcome.

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Hi Tracy,

Can’t make it tonight unfortunately :frowning: I’ll have to continue the tool roll some other time…

I’ll be joining this time to say hi! Although forgot to bring my next sewing project to ask for advice on, I look forward to losing focus and joyously detouring into learning embroidery instead…