Making a rebate plane - best way to drill at an angle

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I’m making a variation of the handplane below, unsure how to create the angled cavity for the wedges slides down into…my blade is exactly the same width of the plane body so I need the hole to be centre and stay centred as it goes down…I guess I could make it a big bigger and give wiggle room for the blade?

Whats the best technique to create the angled “hole” for the wedge? Drill press? Hand drill and augur bit with a sliding bevel? 3-4 Wooden Rabbet Plane Plans by Caleb James 3_25_13.pdf (178.5 KB)

here’s a screengrab

Hi Afshind, if you dont feel the blade needs to be constrained too much sideways (wiggle room) then I would make one side open.
If you really want to keep to the drawings, then one approach would be to clamp it to a block at the correct angle then drill down with the pillar drill once a flat surface has been made for the drill to start on. I’d cut out the lower slot first though.

You could always glue it up out of 3 bits. Maybe even cut the profiles on the laser cutter!

It feels like woodworking cheating using the laser : ) …he says, but will give it a go : )

Good idea. I’ll have a solid wood and a laser cut body, be interesting to see if they feel different in use.