👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 #Makerdifference_2 | We're fundraising again to promote wellbeing via making - call for participation!

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Following on from our #Makerdifference campaign (which raised £5,743.00 mainly for PPE production) we’re launching another campaign in response to COVID-19

In essence we’re focused on wellbeing and community engagement through making, with an emphasis on local BAME residents

We have several strands, and opportunities for members to get involved with each and develop them at many levels, this is draft/embryonic at the moment and we’d love as many members to participate as possible – read though the rest of this post and see what you’re drawn to or excited by or want to add…

Making as key to wellbeing

This time we’re focused on how making can be key to our wellbeing
(Check out the 5 ways to wellbeing as see how they fit your experience of making)

We have an outdoor workshop (our ‘Outer Space’) and we’d like to run some free skills/making workshops for the local community…so we’re looking for ideas and people to run them

Bear in mind…

  • it might be cold, so short workshops could be in order?
  • participants should get a sense of achievement and possibly a physical object to take home
  • sustainability is a core value for SLMS
  • will be very small groups (6 and under)
  • this is free for participants via funding from our Just Giving campaign
  • doesn’t have to be super exciting…‘how to change a plug’ can be life-changing for some people

Possible suggestions: mask making workshop, design and screen print a tote bag, Arduino 101…furniture from an old skateboard (in development with Grace and Alex)

If you have an idea for a workshop/skillshare message @directors or make a post to discuss it

We will break this out into a separate thread and more specific guide if needed

Working with community groups on maker solutions

This would involve reaching out to local groups, identifying pain points/needs and seeing how we can work with them to find solutions…our page says this:

We’ll engage and co-create maker solutions to ongoing issues - could be by building an air purifier or developing ‘no touch’ door openers for a community centre…we know that we don’t know quite what it will be, but we will bring our facilities, skills and enthusiams to compliment those of local makers

The key here is that we won’t know what the needs are until we engage, though we can have some potential offers on hand. If you have any skills/experience in this area let us know, or if you’re in contact with a community venue or organisation that might benefit from working with us please make that connection

Air purifiers

We prototyped our £300 SAM (Sweet Air Machine) during Lockdown 1.0 and Mk2 has been happily scrubbing the air in the Clean Room for the last few months. Aerosol transmission is becoming widely accepted as a major vector for COVID-19, and air purification is recognised as a solution where enhanced ventilation is not possible. With winter drawing in many places that achieved good ventilation by opening windows will be less inclined to do so…in which case there may be a need for a relatively cheap and effective DIY purifier. SAM was always designed with open-sourcing in mind, and to do this we’d need a small team to check over the design, feedback towards a simple DIY kit and prepare a B.O.M. and CAD/CAM files to share

Supporting local businesses
We set up a simple e-commerce site for local independent businesses and supplied face shields and masks as part of #Makerdifference. This time round businesses are much better prepared for lockdown, but we’re ready to help if needed (air purifiers might be the thing?)

And we have all the facilities and skill to make masks and face shields if needed, and of course our ‘window masks’ for lip readers which is a possible boom area. We also have designer masks with logos by Tye Jones (as seen on the JG page)

Publicity and social media
Want to get involved on this side of things, identify yourselves!

General planning
This is just a draft outline and once we get going we’ll need to fill in a lot of details, advertise stuff, manage bookings, source materials, risk assess…etc. if that side of things is your bag then we need you!

Mostly this will work like most things at SLMS: as a volunteer-run campaign, but some aspects of it will be funded:

Running a workshop represents a time commitment to prepare and deliver, so we think it’s a good idea to fund whoever runs them, as opposed to accepting donations, so it’s clear for the participants that the workshops are £free. Also we will be looking for local people to run workshops and skill shares and want to be able to offer remuneration, especially in the current erratic employment situation

We’ll consider funding other activities on a case by case basis (and dependent on how the fundraising goes: we have £900 so far)

Zoom meeting

Will have a Zoom meeting to gather and develop ideas and move forward. Date/timeTBC…in the meantime we can discuss it below


As we likely can’t run public workshops until early December it could be a nice touch to offer ‘make your own presents’ workshops – giving participants skills to make quirky/unique presents for low outlay?

Had the idea after chatting to Jonty about coin cutting workshops


This sounds like a great idea, thank you for organising! A friend of mine is involved in running the Poet’s Corner tenants & residents association in the Elmington estate in Camberwell and the residents are very keen to get involved and come to some workshops.

Dermot I will pm you her contact details.


Great! I’m preparing a soap making workshop, possibly some environmentally friendly cleaning products too.


So far we have:

Who else has skills to offer over the winter, particularly focused now on the weeks between 2nd December and Christmas?

We’re making a push on this right now so jump onboard if you have time and energy for this (see OP for and idea of ways to get involved)

I’ve made a few origami prototypes for discussion which I’ll have with me at the space Fri/Sat/Sun during Arch2 work… Not sure yet what level to pitch at but just a few ideas…

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Excellent – nice pic too…we’ll use that! (with your permission)

Yes, of course but we might need to check what is doable as some of it is quite complicated, I’ll explain when I see you at the space…

These were brilliant to see in real life…the ‘dimensional origami’ is mind blowing!

Made some soaps at @petra’s workshop rehearsal

Perfect Makerdifference_2 workshop: new skill learned with wide possibility to expand, easy to replicate at home, impressive items at the end (would be proud to give as Christmas presents), and workshop not long enough to get hypothermia…


I’m planning to to do a ‘dry run’ origami workshop after the Sunday weekend work meetup to try it out. Anybody who is interested can come along to give me feedback and also if anyone is maybe interested in helping/running the workshop as well then I can show and explain some stuff and my ideas? I will only be able to do the workshop in the evenings or weekends so if we want to run any of them during weekdays it would be great to have other members who could also do it?

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I’m also thinking it would be good to have a post specifically for discussion of the origami workshop to keep it out of this thread but not sure where I should post this, which group etc so if anyone can guide me on this that would be great :slight_smile:

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Just make a new thread - put it in ‘discussion’ if you’re happy for it to be public and Google-searchable, or ‘private’ otherwise

OK, I’ve created a topic for disucssion…

@Dermot Not sure what you meant about making this ‘private’? I guess I want this to be visible to members but not much point it being visible to general public? Are posts usually visible to the general public if they are in the Discussion category?

Yes, our approach is that most stuff is usually public unless there’s a specific reason not to be – members meeting and disciplinary stuff for example…and sometimes with events it’s best to keep the ‘nuts and bolts’ stuff out of the public domain for neatness: if someone Googles our event it’s best if they get the ready for public stuff, rather than a discussion about what scissors to use, and toilet signs…

So, in this instance my topic post should be private yes? How do I do that? I can’t see any obvious way to make it private?

Just change the category to Discussion > private

Aha :roll_eyes: done thx :slight_smile:

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