Maker Faire company goes bust

(Paul Court) #1

@Matt_Conde just found this… Makerfairs and Make magazine go bust :cry:

(laurent_muchacho) #2

Sad indeed, on the positive side they did have inspired millions. Now I remember my first make magazine year and year back how I’ve cherished it and I think I still have it somewhere :hugs:

(Alessio Morale) #3

It’s a real shame. I had the pleasure to participate several times in the last few years as a maker with my robotic association, at the European edition in Rome. It has always been a real pleasure. Every year there was something new in the aim and in the way they provided means for people with good ideas to meet technological partners and funders to make them real.
Hopefully they will find a way to reinvent themselves!
Still no news about the 2019 MFR event, I hope it will still be held.

(Alessio Morale) #4

Looks like that the other Maker faires besides US ones are safe for now as they were licenseing the maker faire “brand” (as soon as I manage to find the article I’ll post it).