Maker Fair Electronics Space Wrangler volunteer needed

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I’ve not had a good chance to get to know the Electronics area well enough to have an opinion on who might be a good choice for the Electronics Space Wrangler role for the Maker Fair 2024 festival so asking here for recommendations, you can be recommended or volunteer yourself too!.

The Wrangler role is one of planning and an ability to include others in the conversation, a can do personality, glass is half full type. I’m being explicit here just so that I can manage expectation and we need to hit the ground running - I know I’m asking for a lot here but please bear with me :smiley:

The role is additionally 110% about the people who come to you to be included in your section and you together with me and all the other wranglers supporting them to share with us their passion, obsession’s and and what ever else floats their boat within a given framework of making our makerspace shine.

Bumping this back up the list :X

It would be amazing but both me and @Laura_Barlow are wildly busy usually :sweat_smile:

Any recommendations of who I could reach out to? Electronics does need to be represented at the fair for sure :slight_smile:

No, no, it doesn’t.

I’m happy if anyone does it but we are all volunteers, we do want we can.

Maybe you could have a conversation amongst Electronics and see if you want to be represented and let me know your collective decision :slight_smile:

The text copy deadline for inclusion in the festival guide is tomorrow. I was making an assumption all spaces that were operational would want to take part.