M6 Adjustable Feet for old Ladderax Shelving

Could someone please point me in a direction to where I could maybe buy some adjustable feet like the attached but with a much longer 50mm thread?

Already looked online and they’re millions of them all about the same 20mm length or not quite long enough!

Alternatively I need to find someone who could help weld 8x leg extensions for our old Ladderax shelving. Original leg extensions are quite hard to find and not the cheapest.

The new skirting-boards I’ve just finished are looking fantastic, just a little too high for the standard frames we have; clearly didn’t see that one coming!

Any help much appreciated.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Make them…!

Or I could make you a few, how many do you need?

Hi Jonty, I’m not sure where to begin with metalwork but I’d like to have a go and appreciate any help. Ideally I need about 8 c. 50mm long plus the insert part. Do you know of anywhere local to buy square steel tube? Thanks.

Then need not be metal, you could cut some pieces of wood to the size of the box section on the shelving, drill through the center then fit an M6 threaded insert.
Then you just want something for the feet, this could be turned in any of a number of materials, with a M6 bolt inserted through the bottom, a nut on the top and 50mm + thread sticking out the top to wind into the insert made for the box section.

You could talk to Fraser if you need steel, you can find him two arches down from Makerspace.

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Use some of these and some M6 threaded rod to extend your existing feet?


Thanks Rich, your connector nut idea seems like a winner. :slight_smile:

Be careful about extended just a m6 threaded rod down that much with a coupling nut and then loading up you shelving system. There is a reason they don’t extend out that far and you make damage the leg or collapse the shelving if there is a lot of movement in the system.

I am a little worried about that, we do load these shelves up a fair bit with heavy books etc. Maybe it’s better to go with steel extension pieces in the same section. Thanks for the advice. :slight_smile:

Talk to Fraser next your about, he’ll likely have some off cuts he can cut to size.

The prep work for a good weld job is simple and you could easily finish them off yourself, else you could have him do the lot.

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Re tap the holes in the base for M10 hardware then fit the above…

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Thanks for all the help & advice guys. I’ve now ordered some 16mm & 20mm steel box section online, failing any welding assistance I figured I could always rivet the 2 pieces together on the back.

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3rd time lucky I now have the correct steel I need for this project, by chance is anyone around this eve to please help / supervise the cutting of 2m 16 & 19mm steel box lengths into 6" pieces?.. @metaltechs? Many thanks in advance, sorry for the ultra short notice! :slight_smile:

may be useful for you

How to use a hacksaw - I believe there is a vice and hacksaw at the metal work bench

Thanks @deanforbes I’m really hoping to find a more efficient way to make 16 cuts through 1.5mm steel box section before whipping out my old hacksaw and breaking out in a sweat! Isn’t there a chop saw in the metalwork room?


I cannot be around Today,

My suggestion is to go ask if Fraser next door would be happy to cut that for you for a small fee.

07707930292 give me a call if you want we can have a chat about it.


by the time you have set up the saw or asked some one else to do it, you should have been able to cut it with a hacksaw anyway - a hacksaw is surprisingly efficient and when used properly requires very little effort

a chop saw would be effective for thicker material ( say more than 10 mm thick - stuff which you may use on a lathe etc or production runs of box section) - because there is a machine that may do it, it does not mean that it must be done by machine or that a machine is the best way to do it :slight_smile:

how you do it is up to you, you will get far more satisfaction doing it by hand and it would be quicker

Thanks for all the advice, in the end I made do with my mitre saw (set up in my dining room) the multi blade just about did the job with a bit of hand filing / finishing required. However, I now need to fasten the pieces together somehow, the originals were welded… are there any makers out there willing & able to spare me some of their time & show me how to MIG weld… maybe sometime this week!? Failing that I’ll probably rivet them together. Thanks again!

Thanks to @Calum_Nicoll & @Jonty_Bottomley for your welding guidance & help the other week. The Ladderax leg extensions are now all painted, installed and looking great! Some quick pics of how they turned out below. :smile: