Lost project

Hi all,

I lost my gameboard project pieces.

They had been in the snug for a while and I already moved all the offcuts out. It seems the rack it was on has been disassembled.

Unfortunately, don’t have a finished picture but they should look something like the paper templates (2x big walnut triangle, 2x big triangles, 4x oak semi circles, 4x walnut triangle). The storage request slip with my name and phone number should be on there.

If anyone has seen them please let me know then I can also take them home.

Have a look on the white metal shelf in snug 2 next to the wooden beam. There is something on the 2nd or 3rd shelf from the top. It might be that….

I had a look and it’s still there :slightly_smiling_face:


Why was a members project moved from arch 1 snug to arch 2???

I saw Matt yesterday and said there would absolutely be nothing from the snug in arch 2.

Who moved this here?

The same person that decided to do a big reorganisation or the entire arch and moved stuff from Arch1 to arch2

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Thank you so much Julia!

I’m traveling the next few days but I’ll be able to pick it up on Tuesday. I’ll make an updated storage request in the meantime.

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