Looking for a wooden board

Hi everyone!

Moving to a new house and I’d need a wooden board to make a provisional desktop… Planning to build something nicer once the space is open again!) so looking for a cheap option for now.

Does anyone have a piece of MDF, Plywood, pine… board around 1m x 70 cm for sale?



If you can’t find something surplus then IKEA is hard to beat for cheap desktops

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I’ve got this 2 part desk in my garden (under cover) as I don’t have room for it and would prefer it was used than left out. You can have it if you’d like to collect it from SE15 and give a small donation to Makerspace.

Both parts have rear wheels so you can lift from the front and pull the lower part out to make more space to work on. It’s in good nik and actually a rather nice Ikea laminated ply c.1997 model.

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Hi Clix!

Thanks! What are the measures?

I have MDF 99cm 92cm - no charge
DM me and arrange to meet and exchange.


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The main desk bit is 100 x 62 (for the floor area required) and 75cm high

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Morning guys!

I’ve managed to get MDF from a neighbour, but many many thanks for your help! :slight_smile:

Have a nice weekend!