Look what I laser cut now!

(Rich Maynard) #1

It’s my head. Extracted JPEGs from an MRI scan and laser cut/engraved every fifth one.

Drinks coasters?

Laser cut 3D model of my daughters head
(JK) #2

That is absolutely Wicked! I love it. Coasters :laughing:

(Beth Slater) #3

So is it clear acrylic and the white is the engraving? How did u get access to ur MRI scan?

(Rich Maynard) #4

Yes, clear acrylic and white engraving. I’d like to try pulling out the vector from the brain and cutting that in black next so you can see it inside there clear skull.

I got the MRI data on a CD from the hospital. Freedom of Information Act j think…

(Pete Hellyer) #5

I started doing something similar a little while ago, but whilst job control was still glitching out so sort of abandoned it. Looks really cool!

(unknowndomain) #6

It’s more likely under the DPA where you have a right to your personal information held by another company, but same idea.

(Pete Hellyer) #7

We routinely just give them out if the patient asks.

(Beth Slater) #8

I guess I will have to start asking next time something goes wrong with my body. Which hopefully it doesn’t. So are you a radiographer then Pete?

(unknowndomain) #9

He’s even fancier than that!

(Beth Slater) #10

Brain surgeon!

(Tim) #11

well its not rocket science…

(Tom Jackson) #12

Love this!