Logitech dfgt Broken Sterring Wheel for computer

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So i got a Logitech driving force gt no light no force feedback gas and brake pedals work and shifter 24v adapter is working i checked that,there is some kind of short on the board one tvs diode [1.5KE27CA] i dont have any in my country i tried searching (am not from uk) shipping 30-60days…
Can i use any other classic zener diode? there is some kind of short on the board when i connect 24v to board it only consumes 0,8 or noting my dad says its some kind of short on the board.
Any tips or help is welcome Thanks

Hi mate, with anything electronics related I’d recommend coming in on one of the fortnightly Thursday electronics nights - people are always very happy to help out with stuff like this, might not be able to fix it on the night but you should at least get some useful advice out of it :slight_smile: