Lockdown project (Planter / Storage)

Hey peeps, I’d like to share my lockdown project with you.
My previous DIY experience was very minimal. The most advanced project before this was building a wooden box.
What I’ve learned in this project:

  • Mixing mortar
  • Laying bricks
  • Drilling holes into brick
  • Cutting plywood
  • Build drainage
  • Glue EPDM to brick wall
  • Fill gaps with filler
  • Make a door

It was very exciting, and as usual many mistakes were made. It was fun though :slight_smile:




Omg this is amazing, super useful skills learnt!


Great job!

Nice work! All useful skills to have, what’s going in the cupboards? :slight_smile:

Stuff that is that at the moment in a shed. I’m getting rid of the shed to make space for lockdown project number 2: skateboard mini ramp



Mini ramps are great, especially if your neighbours don’t mind the noise :wink:

Talking of skating, I’m sure I spotted @Jonty_Bottomley shredding Telegraph Hill skatepark last week…

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Sounds fun… I could do with a shed! :wink:

It’s in really bad shape, there will be lots of shed wood to reclaim if you fancy a trip to north london

Thanks David, Appreciate that but I kind of already have a lot of old wood here that I need to use up somehow.