Lithium batteries

(RobertL) #1

Hi everyone,

I can now repair most lithium batteries which use 18650 cells, as most do. Including: laptops, power tools, ebikes, vacuums (including Dyson), etc.

Also upgrade nicad/nimh batteries to lithium.

I’m working on a conversion system to allow interchangeable ‘standard’ batteries within the same voltage (ie. 12, 14, 18, 36v).

I’m happy to take any old lithium battery packs for recycling.

And I’d gratefully receive any assistance in the project including crowd funding potential.

Have a perfect genius day

(Tom Lynch) #2

There is a whole load of lithium cells in the battery recycling box which are not meant to be in there. May be worth a look.

(RobertL) #3

Thanks. Nobody seems to know where they should go. It’s more the battery packs that I’m interested in

(Dermot Jones) #4

@IanW is also always on the hunt for anything containing 18650s to use on solar project’s – although if they’ve ended up in the recycling box they’re likely dead.

Worth making that point here for anyone reading this and getting interested in tinkering; it’s really not safe to disassemble lithium based cells, so this must not happen in the Space. Risks include: thermal and electrical burns, electric shock, and toxic exposure – possibly to carcinogens

Also the charging of these cells/batteries needs specialised chargers/electronics.

(RobertL) #5

This is true. They’re DANGEROUS if mishandled.

And I’m disassembling packs, not cells. I have a special 10s charger and battery spot welder

(Jonty Bottomley) #6

R.e. Battery spot welder…
I have a load of 18650 batteries that I’m looking to hook together into a 12v battery pack.
Might I be able to use the machine?

(RobertL) #7

Of course. Where are you located? The machine is in Croydon and not readily portable unless you have transport?

(Jonty Bottomley) #8

Dulwich. Might it be easiest to transport batteries and do the job there leaving the machine where it is?

(Andrea Campanella) #9

Just don’t play with lithium battery in the space , please , we don’t need any wild fire :wink:

(RobertL) #10

It’s up to you.

(RobertL) #11

I promise I won’t. I’ll do it in my own space.

(Andrea Campanella) #12

You can’t imagine how much I appreciate your answer :slight_smile:

(Alexandre Jennnison) #13

Robert, may i please come down to Croydon and use your spot welder for a skate project?

(Calum Nicoll) #14

If anyone fancies organising a pledge id happily contribute to us getting one for the space…

(Alexandre Jennnison) #15

Please see bellow

(RobertL) #16

Sure. Daytime is best for me as early as possible

(Alexandre Jennnison) #17

How do I contact you directly ?

(RobertL) #18

PM me or PM me your mobile

(Alexandre Jennnison) #19

It won’t let me pm you because I just joined