Levelling a floor - recommendations

Not my own craft project but am looking for a tradesperson to level a section of my bedroom floor for me before I install laminate… Am in Nunhead/Peckham, any recommendations gratefully received!

Concrete or wood? both are doable.

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What’s the floor made of ?

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Concrete. One floorer suggested he could level it with silicon. Though I’d guess concrete is another option?

with silicone, the concrete floor? :rofl: IDK what is this obsession with loads of builders with silicone but yeah should be good to use shitload of flexible and air tight material on buildings :sweat_smile:
Self levelling concrete is the solution, on the well cleaned surface, with its primer, and rolled with a spiky roller to remove air after application.

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This reads as a sound approach Gergo. Now I just need to find someone to do that!

You’re talking to one who does this kind of job

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Okay excellent, I’ll direct message you.

Fiver reinforced self levelling or latex self levelling.

Depends on the depth of the level