LED Matrix

Just wondering if these LED Matrix that are in the electronics area are available to use? @electrotechs
I was looking to get something similar recently so if these are spare i’ll give these a go. No worries if not or if someone is already using them?

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I think you can give them a go!

@hernehillier donated them…

I was hoping to snag of one them but it may be first come first serve.

Great. There are 4 of them. I’m going to try out 2 of them if they don’t work for me I’ll bring them back. @Kyle the other two are still on the bench, I’ve put a sticker saying Kyle on one of them.


Awesome, appreciate it!

Ah, I must have missed the note about them, sure, go ahead and have them, if you need help with hardware and software, let me know:)

Oh! oh! Me too! (If there is one left!)
And @emuboy if you’re going to show people how to wire them up and control them, that would be amazing… the software side has always been what’s stopped me making use of the ws2812 LEDs I’ve got laying around already…

Those are pretty straight forward to get going! Here’s a guide: https://randomnerdtutorials.com/guide-for-ws2812b-addressable-rgb-led-strip-with-arduino/ The fastLED examples are even better, just make sure to update your LED_PIN assignment.


Hey Kyle
I did manage to make them work. My problem is the (rather large) gap between “making them work” and then “wow that looks like the visuals at a stadium concert”, which is where my dreaming tends to land… :wink:


Those panels are pretty similar to WS2812 in a sense that is a chain of addressable LED.
A good overview is here https://learn.adafruit.com/32x16-32x32-rgb-led-matrix/overview

In short, they are tricky to drive if you want to control brightness of individual led, like output a video, because you have to address each led on a panel with a frequency = pwm depth * frame rate

But if you want to turn pixels on/off and draw some primitive shapes they shouldn’t be hard to control and there are ready made boards to do it.

You only need this.

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