Leather Crafting Gathering - 10th Jan

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I’m planning on hosting a Leather Crafting Gathering on the 10th Jan 18:30-21:00

A chance for anyone working with leather, or wanting to mess around with leather work can get around the big table and craft together.

I’m still newish to Leather craft – but I’ll be bringing some pre-dyed leather pieces and tools for people to mess around with.

Shout if you’re interested in attending.

Also – if anyone who has shutter access is planning to be around on the 10th – please let me know, other wise I’ll be stood outside confusion neighbours


This is exciting! I’d love to join.

Short term, I have a handbag strap that needs repairing (or replacing!) but I am quite interested in leatherwork overall :slight_smile:

Hi Martyn, I’m in discourse but not a member yet…hoping to join early next year. Looking for a leather worker to make me a phone case. Fed up with pleather offerings from a shop. Any suggestions. Alternatively if you end up running another course later in the year maybe I could come along and learn how to do it myself?

Hi :slight_smile: Welcome to the space.
This isn’t a course, just a gathering of crafters (I barely know what i’m doing lol). I’m hoping this will be a regular thing (depending on interest), so you’re welcome to come along and we can work out how to make a phone case together.

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This sounds great !