Learning new wood joints

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I thought I would try and learn a few new wood joints over January. Playing in a workshop seems like a very achievable new year’s resolution to me. I had a go at an angled t-bridle joint last night and it came out ok. A little bit rough but I learnt a lot from doing it. I’m thinking of trying a wedged mortise and tenon next, and then a stopped sliding dovetail after that.

If anyone would be interested in learning them with me (or other joints), comparing notes, sharing tips etc, give me a shout. I’ve booked a table in the wood shop next Monday to have a go at the wedged mortise and tenon, and I’ll be available at other times if folks are interested in some collaborative learning by doing!

Disclaimer - I have never made these before and I’ll be following the videos in the comments below, although happy to share what I do know. If folks have suggestions for other joints that would be useful to learn, that would be cool :slight_smile:

@TonyP, I remember you mentioning some Japanese joinery methods at the woodwork induction - did you have any particular methods in mind or suggestions for an interesting method to start with? I’m keen to learn something new!


How’d you do it!

I’ve been watching these memerizing videos and using the same technique:

Angled bridle - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q3Bc5Zbq7Nk

Wedged motise and tenon - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=InW2HVAdkGg

Stopped sliding dovetails - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rxoe3oQe8tY

Hey @MattS I haven’t been to the studio since our induction and was hoping to get in a good bit over Jan to learn some new joints and get familiar with the space. I’ll be around the next couple of weeks if there’s a few who want to get together, let me know when you’re heading in.

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Hi Donna, I’ll definitely be heading to the space on Monday at 6:30 if you’re about. I might also go there tomorrow at 7 to have another go at the bridle joint.

Cool. I’ll be there Monday eve!

See you there!

Hi Matt, most things I have learnt in life from woodworking, DIY to networking and computer repair is self taught. So, good on you. I would be happy to learn with you or anyone else. Thanks. Ryan

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Cool! Let me know when you’re about, or if you’re currently waiting to become a paid member and complete the workshop induction, let me know when you that’s all sorted : ) I’m aiming to be at the space a couple of times a week over January to try out some different joinery methods.

Yes, I am still waiting to become a full member. I’ll let you if and when this happens.

Is this a hobby/interest for you?

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Hello - and a Happy New Year to all!

Thanks Matt - sorry it’s taken me a while to pick up this thread.
What you’re doing sounds great - and probably what I should be doing before I get overly ambitious!

January looks like being busy for me (for a welcome change tbh!) - but I’ll do my very best to join you both on Monday evening for a while.

My interest in Japanese-style joinery does not extend to much worthwhile experience, just theory thus far!

The wedged-tenon is what is often seen atop the legs are rather nice workbeches, I think. I’ve seen a variant where the wedge is hidden inside, so you only get one go at putting it together: if it doesn’t work first time, you’re scuppered. I’m not sure if that’s a case of setting a challenge, or just showing off (I suppose it depends on the result…). The stopped sliding dovetail looks tricky too.

I’ve seen a few projects online** - with relatively unusual joints (names unknown) - that I found inspiring, but I do need to practice some things before getting too carried away (and frustrated by the outcome).

(** I’ll find them again and share the links and see what you think about them.)

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Cool : ) Yes, I like making things. I’d like to make a desk but it has several joining techniques I’ve not done before, so thought it best to practice them before ruining a load of expensive wood. Was just seeing if others were interested in something similar as I think it can be good to learn with other people sometimes : )

Happy New Year!

I’ll defo be there on Monday from 6:30 if you do manage to make it to the space.

I’d just like to practice making some joinery really. I chose those three joints as I’d like to make some kind of variation of this desk, and they seem like useful joints for furniture more generally, although it would be cool to practice other methods as well. Yes, the sliding dovetail definitely looks like the trickiest of the lot!

I’ve seen a few projects online** - with relatively unusual joints (names unknown) - that I found inspiring, but I do need to practice some things before getting too carried away (and frustrated by the outcome).

My thinking too :point_up:t2:

Hey @MattS, as I said yesterday I had to miss this one because of laser induction, but I would be very happy to join the next one when it happens.

Hi Roman, nice to meet you on Monday. I think a couple of us new folk are heading to the space on Wednesday Jan 18 if you fancy joining us.

@scythian in the final stages of today’s joint du jour.

Gonna have go at a sliding dovetail next week sometime if anyone’s keen.


Hey, I’m waiting on my woodshop induction but would love to join you for some of these if it continues in the future. I’ve done some nice dovetails and half blinds, some not very nice mortice and tenons and a few others before but would love to try more. I’ll have to have a go at the wedged tenon at some point as it’s very cool. Top of my list to try is a mitred dovetail.

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Cool. A few of us have been trying out new techniques over the past couple of weeks (@DWade @TonyP @scythian), and I’d definitely be interested in continuing in the future. Give us a shout when you’ve completed your induction @msparker. I’d like to try a mitred dovetail as well.

Perhaps folks interested in practising new techniques together can say when they are available / planning to go to the space on this thread, and other folks can come along / coordinate dates etc.

I’ll be heading to the space next Tuesday (Jan 24). Could also make Wednesday and Thursday if the space is open.