Lavaliere Stereo Microphone(s)

Continuing my adventures in microphones I have the latest for my collection, a matched pair of EM272Z1 “Clippy” lav mics which I made in the space a few weeks back.

These can be bought in various configurations from FEL communications here in the UK, and can be bought in parts or preassembled. They offer cases, clips, windscreens and various other supporting accessories. I opted for parts because it’s cheaper and I enjoy it. My original intention was to make two separate units with XLR connectors like this kit here:

Unfortunately I should have done better research, as when I took a second look at the spec sheet just before soldering I realized that phantom power would fry these little guys basically instantly. Turns out the XLR kits they sell have circuitry in the plug that steps down phantom power to something more manageable for them.

Luckily I had a spare stereo 3.5mm jack on hand so I just terminated them both in that. Plug in power suits them just fine.