Launch day: workshops are go!

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Saturday 28th May, from 3pm onwards.

Come celebrate with us as we cut the ribbon on South London Makerspace’s doors. Two years of loving renovation have gone into our railway arch, and we’ve got three amazing spaces to show for it.

We opened “Phase 1”, the front half of the arch, last year. Helped by some funding won from the Mayor of London, we started renovating the rear half, “Phase 2”, in December. They’re almost ready, and we’ll be having a party to celebrate their opening.


We’ll be hosting family-friendly activities, with some fun challenges for all. And of course, expect lots of ribbons to cut, of every kind, of every kit the Makerspace community can think of. Did we mention BBQ? Yes, they’ll be food. And drinks from Canopy, two arches down.

Any questions? Follow the link through to our ‘discourse’, the part of the website where we chat and organise things.

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We made a space!

[corny message warning!]

Well done everyone!
The space looks amazing today.
It was a really great day.
Everyone has made such an amazing contribution.
Each in there own way.

Happy days!!!
Lets make some stuff!!!


Oh no! I moved Paul’s post and it’s lost the likes and re-notified everybody.


And, of course, the new workshops!

Assembly space …or whatever we’re going to call it

Machine shop …or whatever we’re going to call it