Latest project: interlocking wooden thingy


Sharing my latest laser project, a gift for my wife’s 5 year cancer free anniversary :slight_smile: !!!

5 separate pieces that can sit in 2 configurations - as a 5 or as a family

Made up of 4 layers of 6mm ply (24mm in total, so it can stand upright as well)

Process, a pencil sketch, vector sketches - quite a few tests to get the shapes to fit and just sanding the final pieces for now.


As ever, lots of places to improve but very satisfying to make this kind of thing as I never have before.


This came out great!

That would be good to cut on a scroll saw in solid wood too !

Looks good.

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Very nice!! If you’d like to add finish, we’ve varnish and danish oil at the space.


such an awesome piece. i love that you put in some pictures of the process as well.

well done.

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This is "maker"ism at it’s best. You have built something intimate and personal, spent time on the design, executed it correctly, and shared the process with us! Great job!


Really nice bit of design :slight_smile: