Last minute gifts making. Any chance of someone in the space 22.12.18?

(Patrick) #1


Need to get in but don’t have shutter privileges. Any chance of anyone coming in tomorrow for few hours (round noon by any chance)?

Thanks in advance for the info.

(Petra) #2

Hi Patrick,
I’ll might come around 6pm tomorrow.

(Dermot Jones) #3

@Edd @Ty_design @Howard might be around in the day?

Or you could phone the Space +44 20 8678 1181

(Howard Batchen) #4

Me & Ed are here

(Patrick) #5

Thanks for the info.

I should be there round 11:00

(Naomi Zainuddin) #6

I would also like to come by and print a bunch of things if other people will be around