Lasercutter Engraved Medal

Back in 2019 I ran a few half marathons. And while every other medal had delivered a little engraved tag with my official race time the Hackney Half Marathon didn’t. So I really wanted to permanently get my official Hackney Half time engraved onto it.

Checking the specifications and allowed materials for the lasercutter, metal engraving is allowed for anadonised metals so I could get started!

The biggest nerve-wrecking factor was the alignment of the laser head and the medal. Using job control with WYSIWYG I carefully aligned the head and double-checked the bounds of the job to make sure I’d got the scale of the engraving correct I had to bite the bullet and go for it!

Thanks to @Kyle for persuading me to committing to engraving the medal once it was all ready! :joy:

Think the end result turned out great!


Yeah, looks super clean! Nice job! And good job on the run too!

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This is great… I may have to do the same

Yeah, me too, just gotta do the stuff to get the medals first I suppose, maybe my upcoming swims will count :wink: