Laser techniques to explore

Laser users are invited to contribute to a list of laser techniques. Over time, we can develop complete “how to” documents that match the technique to our specific laser, software and other tools.

Trotec playlist:


I came up with way to laser both sides of an item in two steps. On the first pass, do side 1 and cut it out of the material. Do not remove the material, as it acts as the holder for the second pass. Flip over the item and place back in the same hole it came from. If it’s light, tape the edges enough that the air won’t blow it out. Then run the second pass. If you have a lot of items to run, like pendants or game pieces, you can cut most of them and use the “holder” for the last round and all the second passes. Don’t have a video of this, unfortunately.


Has anyone from the Electronics lab tried cutting paste masks for SMT boards and components? I came up with a way on our lasers a few years ago, using Mylar film. If they are interested, I can help them figure it out. Faster and cheaper for prototypes than ordering one with PCBs.

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