Laser rubber stamp assistance request

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Anyone willing to instruct me on cutting rubber stamps?

I’m laser inducted.

I’d like to use eco rubber but any will do if it’s available at SLMS? Otherwise, where’s best to order?

Hi Robert,
There is often laser rubber in the SLMS shop - I think it’s about £5 for an A4-ish sheet. I don’t know if it’s currently in stock.
When you are altering the laser settings in the ‘print’ dialog (see screenshot below), the ‘process mode’ dropdown should be set to ‘stamp’. Mores info about that setting in Trotec documentation, page 30:

Beyond that, you may need to experiment with the power settings to get exactly the effect you want. Afraid I’ve not made any stamps before, so can’t offer advice there.
@petra may have some more advice.

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Hi Rob, :smiley: yes there is one sheet left, PLEASE NOTE, when you’ve finished doing job with laser cut /engraving rubber ( I would put something underneath before you start ) as it leaves a sticky tacky mess, and you will have to give the laser cutter a damn good clean as it leaves a sticky mess all over it (I spent 40 minuits this morning cleaning it so its very shiny ) Brian D=

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Thanks for the heads up

What’s suitable to lay underneath?

Best to order if none left, theres one grey but not sure its eco.

  • Consider wearing gloves when handling the rubber after cutting. There will be a large amount of fine dust, and it stinks. It also gets everywhere. Be prepared to wash the cut rubber in water and spend a bit of time getting all remnants out. (The smell - urgh!)
  • You kinda need to experiment - at least, I found I ended up wasting a fair bit of material the first time I tried to cut some stamps. Sadly I can’t remember the settings that I used, now. I’d recommend using a test design for both raster etching and vector cutting to see how to get the best results.
  • Trotec job-control does have a few settings options, such as how you want it to automatically handle the chamfer around your design.
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