Laser onto a Sphere

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Hello @lasertechs

I was wondering if we had a way of engraving onto a ball (spherical) I know there is an attachment for round surfaces, but would something like this work for spherical.

Also is cork laser safe?


Yes and yes

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This is wonderful news

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In my experience, it depends upon how large the curved surface is. I’ve mostly done cylindrical objects, and the rotation typically takes the place of the y-axis (front to back). A few of the objects I’ve engraved had curvature along the x-axis (left-right). If it’s a larger sphere, the radius of curvature will be longer, and the surface will be more flat. If you’re using a 100mm focal length lens, it has maybe 1 cm of useful focus range (how much in the z-direction you can move the surface and still be able to cut or engrave), so it will give you a better result than a 63mm focal length lens, which has a smaller useful focus range. I use these two examples because they are common focal lengths. Not sure what the lens in your laser is, so can’t give you much guidance there.

If you try this, please post the results! I’m interested in what size sphere you use and how it goes.