Laser engraving metal water bottles?


I’m looking to laser engrave different names on 100 water bottles for my kids school.
The bottles will be aluminium or steel and probably covered in a paint or powder coating.

The tool page says “anodised metals ONLY FOR ENGRAVING (contact @lasertechs if you want to etch metals)”

  • What is anodised metals?
  • Is aluminium or steel ok for laser engraving?
  • Does the paint powder coating type matter?

If ok to use:

  • would I have to use the rotary attachment?
  • if I engrave up the side of the bottle and focus at a mid height would it not work/look poop? (Presumably this depends on the font size/radius of bottle)

Sorry for all the questions, I’ve only used the machine a few times.


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Hi Peter.

Most aluminium material is anodised these days and not powder coated or painted. The laser is able to easily mark the aluminium and regardless of colour usually produces a white/light grey mark.
Stainless steel and some other metals can be marked using an additive spray such as cermark. When heated by the laser and applied correctly, this will produce a highly durable black marking.

When it comes to paints there are many questions regarding what it contains.

If you have details of the bottles you are using that would help.

BTW, the laser is currently in a state of repair and will not be available for this job until the x-axis belt has been replaced. @petra is on the case at present…

Thanks for the advice.

I’ll have a look at different water bottles and get back to you.