Laser cutting vinyl?

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(Billy Wood) #1

To any laser techs reading, is it safe/allowed to laser cut some Sticky Back Plastic Self-Adhesive Vinyl?
If not, would it be OK to use the plotter instead?

(Martin Convery) #2

Lasers aren’t suitable for vinyl, I think due to corrosive fumes. Plotter the tool.

(Pete Hellyer) #3

Craft Robo is probably your friend here :slight_smile: depdends slightly though on how intricate the thing you want to cut is though.

(unknowndomain) #4

It’s worth noting there are some types of vinyl that can be laser cut if you need ultra fine detail, or really accurate cuts.

(Martin Convery) #5

Really! I haven’t come across these. Won’t a plotter set up correctly do fine detail accurately?

(unknowndomain) #6

The way the cutters usually work is with a drag blade at a fixed height but can rotate around it’s point, however that means it’s hard to do really small details because the blade only cuts in the direction it’s being dragged in and so sharp corners in small details don’t tend to cut properly, and obviously weeding is an issue already at small scale.

The other issue is the blades usually don’t actually rotate exactly around their point but slightly offset.

So yes they can do some detail, but not as well