Laser Cutting Mirri Card

(Zeine Daoudi) #1

Hey guys,

I’m trying cut out some stuff on “mirri card”. it’s a card with a gold mirror film covered with a plastic film.

I’ve been googling for ages trying to find out if I can use it in the laser cutter (I don’t want to use it and then find out it’s toxic… or worse, damages the laser)

so far I have only managed to find the following sites that mention it in connection to laser cutting: (they have it on their approved list for their CO2 cutter) (no info, just a picture of the design that was cut) (loads of pics of the designs that were cut, but again no info about the laser cutter)

I’ve tried finding out the name of the manufacturer to try and contact them with no success.

Anyone have any experience using this stuff? will it be OK in the laser cutter?