Laser Cutting Materials - Stencil Board & Foam?

(Justin Colson) #1

Many thanks to @Jonathan for a really informative laser induction the other day. I’m working on some projects in CAD that I’ll hopefully come down and try out cutting next week. Two projects I’m interested in making are details for architectural models, and storage cases for models: I’ve got two questions about materials for @lasertechs

“Stencil Board” - also known as “Oiled Manilla” or “Oiled Board” etc - I’ve seen this recommended elsewhere as a good laser safe alternative to styrene board (traditionally used in model making) which is obviously banned. Can I check it would be OK to use this board in the Trotec laser?

Polyethylene Foam - I understand that polyurethane foam is banned, but is polyethylene foam allowed for cutting? I found an old thread that seemed to suggest polyethylene is allowed, but it doesn’t cut well. The little Trotec sample box looked very neatly cut itself though. I wonder if a closed cell polyethylene like this would work better than open cell? I’d be looking at about 12 or 15mm thickness. The alternative for my project would be to make boxes with ply dividers and line the compartments with thin self adhesive foam sheet - more work, but perhaps less grief?

Many thanks!


(Rich Maynard) #2

‘Plastazote’ cuts, but it’s not brilliant. Leaves melty edges

(Louis) #3

(Justin Colson) #4

Thanks @Jonathan it looks like it should do the job perfectly. I can’t find any on the Trotec UK web shop though, but it looks like the Plastazote should be worth a try, at least.

Any objections to trying the stencil board\oiled board?

(Charlie Cains) #5

I’ve grabbed Plastazote from here before if that helps :slight_smile: