Laser cutting foam


I need to build a flexible led diffuser and my choice fell on foam, according to Trotec polyester (PES), polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) are cuttable but I would like to know if they are allowed.

some other materials are avaiable here


Just in case foam is not an allowed material, I can give you access to my laser cutter remotely, you upload the file and I’ll bring it in next time :slight_smile:

I appriciate the offer a lot but I prefer to be when the laser is, just in case I need to put a fire off :smiley:

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I have updated the Laser Tool page to provide ways to think about materials not on the approved list.
I’m keen to test the guidelines, so have a look and see if that helps you to clarify the position.

Not really as some of the materials are listed as laser safe from some and not allowed in our list.

As far as I can see polyester based foam seems to be allowed?

From my research regarding FoamEx, I can say that anything PVC-based definitely isn’t safe for laser cutting in the enclosed environment we have because of the risk of hydrochloric fumes!

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It may not suit you design, but keep in mind that can cut foam on the CNC. Probably avoid Polyisocyanurate (some insulation foam) or anything not to be cut in enclosed space. Can cut foams on that that can’t do on the laser. A special bit for cutting foam is about £11 for cheapest.

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I would say polyester (PES), polyethylene (PE) or polyurethane (PUR) are acceptable.
Please post a project message to tell us of your results.

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amazing, so, turns out that if you build a 360 degree LED sign building the diffuser for it it’s a bit…complicated, foam, hopefully, to the rescue!

Did you ever get this done @emuboy ?

No, sadly I never found the right material for the diffuser, so, no joy…

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Hi! Sorry if the question is redundant, but I just want to make sure (better safe than sorry, etc).

I’d like to cut foam to do something like “tool storage” (like in attached photo)

From this message, I believe polyurethane would be ok.

Would it be possible to cut this material on the laser?

Thank you!