Laser cutter station maintenance

(Louis) #1

@lasers Please can we all make an effort to keep the laser station and the space in general in a clean and tidy position. This means removing coffee cups, closing and stacking the scraps bins, closing out software on the machine, cleaning the machine and working area and generally just thinking about the next person who is going to use it. This is how it should look every time you arrive…

unless someone is using it obviously… :wink:
Thanks in advance and happy lasing!

(electrotech) #2

How’s the pc temperature?

(Dan Le Blanc) #3

Haven’t lasered in a couple weeks, but I’ve always had to go hunting the whole space for a dustpan and brush when I wanted to sweep out the machine before and after lasing. Is there a dedicated dustpan and a visible spot for it to always live…? If we need a new one, I’m happy to donate.

(Petra) #4

Bring one please!We can leave it hanging from the side of the shelving unit.

(Louis) #5

Not sure, is there a diagnostic tool on the machine that reports this value?

(Louis) #6

There was a green one I bought just for the laser but someone has probably taken it… will make a designated location for it…

(electrotech) #7

or reboot and go into bios, that usually shows a cpu temp on most systems.

(Ed Yeboah) #8

Coretemp is a pretty good desktop app

(Gawain Hewitt) #9

Computer monitor just fell off the wall while I was cutting. Rawl plugs just failed. Happy to help fix - but wanted a view on how to proceed first. Left it with monitor leaning against the wall (fully functional)


(Dermot Jones) #10

Sounds like an Inkscape bug – try using Illustrator?

(Gawain Hewitt) #11

lol :joy:

(Gawain Hewitt) #12

Just spoken with @petra and we’re going to leave it for now as plasterboard not strong enough for monitor…

(unknowndomain) #13

It should be fine with some butterfly fixings. It lasted 2-3 years there so far without falling down, seems likely it’s just been abused a bit.