Laser cutter parameters

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During my paper cut adventures I have tried many different settings (power, speed, Hz) - with good progress and I am quite happy with the result. But I was wondering if there is a ruby job/template to test cut when using a new material, a bit like a test page for a printer. Something that iterates through various settings, so you can then see what works best…anyone?

I usually just pick petra’s settings and play around with those then save them with my name :smiley: she has settings for all ply wood sizes, leather, foam etc.


I made a template myself but I still haven’t set it up for this laser. I can send the .svg over but you have to set each colour with a configuration.

You can make one yourself with far less settings than mine. Just open a vector editor make a grid of boxes, each with a different colour, save it as .svg or .pdf, open it up on the laser software and should read colours as layers. Set each layer with a laser configuration.

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@Kuniko is our expert for laser cutting expert. Maybe she can help with specific settings :slight_smile:

Hey @Steve Yes, this is exactly what I was looking for and I will make one and share here! Thanks!
Hey @Kuniko I’ll try to be in when you are to get some expert advice!

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There are loads of test sheet designs, such as these:

I’m going to prepare one for Ruby when I get back to London in mid-Aug.
I’ll probably use this one:

If you get to it before I do, let me know how it goes!

I agree with @father, my settings should be correct, but @Kuniko has better settings for paper. Inspire yourself there…