Laser Cutter Left in poor condition

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(Gawain Hewitt) #1

Hello @lasers and @lasertechs

I came to use the machine this morning (Morning of Friday 7th June) and it has been left in very poor condition.

The nozzle was covered in black sticky stuff. The lens was coated in nasty sticky brown stuff, and the mirror was milky.

I’ve managed to clean the lens with multiple soakings and gentle cleaning with tissue over about 45 minutes - I have also cleaned the nozzle and the mirror.

I’ve checked with @Dermot and we agreed that I can now use, however there is a slight variation in the coating on the lens now, so can I ask an @lasertechs to inspect when you are able. You can only see the variation when held up to the light.

Photos of the mirror and lens (in the wrong order…).

Thanks all!


(Gawain Hewitt) #2

lens now post cleaning

(Aaron Fox) #3

I’ll admit to using the laser late yesterday evening, but checked the lens and mirror after use and they certainly didn’t look like that.

(Louis) #4

Wow that looked nasty! Thanks for your efforts to clean the lens and mirror, I will come inspect them this afternoon. More when I see the machine…

(Gawain Hewitt) #5

Worked as normal just now

(RobertL) #6

If it hasn’t been suggested before, how about a user log so it’s possible to see who’s the likely culprit? Could it also ensure that only those inducted are able to use it?

(Zeine Daoudi) #7

I used the laser last night for some time. I checked and cleaned it every couple of rounds, but must admit that I didn’t check it at the end. I can’t think what would have been different at the end of my session but am happy to speak to @lasertechs to (a) compensate if I have damaged anything and (b) talk through how I can avoid doing this again if it turns out it was me.

I’m really sorry guys.

(Louis) #8

Thanks for the response firstly and it may/may not have have been you… what where you cutting/engraving?

(Zeine Daoudi) #9

I was cutting thin sheets of veneer (0.6mm). I had used it last weekend for the exact same job for several hours with no issue and used it again last night. the only difference was that last weekend I used laser ply under the veneer as a template which has now been lost and last night i used laser MDF. I was on it for about 2 hours last night and as I said I was cleaning the lens and mirror every 2-3 rounds and there wasn’t anything like what was on the pictures.

(Zeine Daoudi) #10

The veneer and the MDF are still at he space in the snug on the right, about half way down if you want to have a look at them.

(Louis) #11

@lasers was there anybody else using the laser last night?

(Zeine Daoudi) #12

I think I was the last one as I left after midnight

(Petra) #13

How many sheets have you cut yesterday?

(Zeine Daoudi) #14

Probably about 8 or 9 rounds

(Zeine Daoudi) #15

They were smaller/quicker than last weekend. so took between 6-8 minutes per round of actual cutting

(Zeine Daoudi) #16

I did use the pink lens cleaner about half way through my session last night. I hadn’t used this last weekend. I used this on the lens only. not the mirror.

(Louis) #17

Post assessment there is no real damage to the machine… going to cycle to a new lens just to be sure as existing one is a bit questionable with partial missing coating. @ZD86 I did see some of your veneer cuts in the scrap bin and think we can Optimise your settings as it looks like you have a high waste output…(lots of unused cuts in the bin).
Message to all @lasers… please clean lens and machine prior to and after lasing… and if your job takes a fair bit of cutting time, stay near and observant of the machine but clean the laser store surface, laser lid and surrounding area if possible. It would really make a big difference.
Many thanks.

(Andy Sanderson) #18

Come on @lasers ! I came in this morning and it looked as if someone ran out the door for a fire drill never to return.

Lots of debris on and under the honeycomb, lid completely open and 25 files open on the PC…

Please plan in some time to clean up after yourself so the next person doesn’t have to do it for you!

(EdwardBilson) #19

Why do I get the feeling the people doing this aren’t discourse regulars? I’d like to think people wouldn’t leave the tool in this state given the frequent reminders about it…

(Chanelle) #20


That was me. I had fully clean the laser before use and totally for got to hover that when packing up. Apologies.

I closed all the files down. I think there is an error somewhere where files reopen rather than people not closing files. There was only one file open when I went to use the machine yesterday.