Laser Cutter Induction

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Hi @lasertechs

I’m really keen to learn how to use the laser cutter.

Do you have any idea when you might next be able to hold an induction?

I am more than happy to pay for your time (money, pizza, beer…)

I’m free this weekend but aware that’s probably a bit soon, most weekday evenings could work too.

Any help appreciated!


Hi Marco, I will run an induction next week, watch discourse for info tomorrow…

Thanks Jonathan, I’ll keep an eye out.

Hi Marco,

If you link your Discourse account to your membership account you will get automatic notification of inductions

You’ll also need to sign up to the relevant induction waiting lists


I can’t seem to find the Laser Cutter Induction list, please can you point me in the direction to sign up?


You need to link your Discourse account to your membership account to be able to see the lists

There’s a guide in the how to section

Hi all, I have linked my accounts and added my name to that list but didn’t hear anything about an induction last week.

Just checking that I haven’t done something wrong and actually an induction is happening this week?



Ok great, thank you! I think I’ve done that now.

Is it the group titles ‘Who wants to be inducted on the lasercutter? 2019’ ?

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Any news about the inductions? My discourse account has just been linked but I still don’t know how to get on the waiting list…help?

Whenever I click a link to the waiting lists (in the how-to section) it gives me an error message. Is this because the link is broken for everyone or is it because I haven’t picked up my tag?

Hi Marylis,

This should be working now or very soon, try again!

yay! it’s now working, thanks!

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