Laser Cutter Induction

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(Marco Cunha) #1

Hi @lasertechs

I’m really keen to learn how to use the laser cutter.

Do you have any idea when you might next be able to hold an induction?

I am more than happy to pay for your time (money, pizza, beer…)

I’m free this weekend but aware that’s probably a bit soon, most weekday evenings could work too.

Any help appreciated!


(Louis) #2

Hi Marco, I will run an induction next week, watch discourse for info tomorrow…

(Marco Cunha) #3

Thanks Jonathan, I’ll keep an eye out.

(Dermot Jones) #4

Hi Marco,

If you link your Discourse account to your membership account you will get automatic notification of inductions

You’ll also need to sign up to the relevant induction waiting lists

(Mylene Spencer) #5


I can’t seem to find the Laser Cutter Induction list, please can you point me in the direction to sign up?


(Dermot Jones) #6

You need to link your Discourse account to your membership account to be able to see the lists

There’s a guide in the how to section

(Marco Cunha) #7

Hi all, I have linked my accounts and added my name to that list but didn’t hear anything about an induction last week.

Just checking that I haven’t done something wrong and actually an induction is happening this week?



(Mylene Spencer) #8

Ok great, thank you! I think I’ve done that now.

(Mylene Spencer) #9

Is it the group titles ‘Who wants to be inducted on the lasercutter? 2019’ ?