Laser Cutter enquiry


Hello there,

I am not a member of SLM yet and I am a bit far to make it my makerspace of choice but I have been wanting to come and check on you for a while. The following enquiry might be a good incentive to do so, hopefully this Wednesday.

I am working on a project for which I am exploring the possibilities of lasercutting Tetra Pack cartons (milk, juice…)

Most Tetra-Paks have an extremely thin layer of aluminium and as far as I know reflective materials are no good for laser cutters. This is a link with a better description of the different layers that make a Tetra Pak I believe laser-cutting the survace with carton should avoid some reflections, but I am no expert. Also, the aluminium layer is very thin and I would like to know if it would be ok to directly laser-cut the aluminium face.

Thanks a lot for your availability.