Laser cut foam

Is there any foam that can be laser-cut?
or is there another quick/precise way of cutting foam sheets (or similar) for tool storage, as an example.

Is laser safe? Is it inflammable?

Yes, is the short answer. As Andrea has pointed out: it needs to be the right stuff. I think Mark @lewisss might have used some? For deep straight cuts you’d need a longer focal length lens, which we don’t have at the moment…but are available.

Are you talking like flight-case open cell foam type stuff?

That stuff is best cut with a serrated knife (either with a specialist rubber/foam cutting tool, but it is possible to get blades of jigsaws, or apparently an electric carving knife works well!).

It’d just turn into goo in the laser cutter I expect.

You could definitely cut the template out of paper with the laser though.

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There is some under the drill in the wood shop.

I will get a new block when we finally make the draws for the electronics benches

Wow! Thanks again everyone for the prompt and helpful responses. I hope to be as useful to others in time.

1 makerspace coin to each of you (currently imaginary crypto currency)


Foam shouldn’t really be cut with lasers if you were going to CNC it you’d use a router. This article’s from a foam company and outlines different types of CNC foam cutting for various materials.