Laser cut fingerboard park

Some discussion tonight about whether fingerboard are still a ‘thing’… I don’t know but my kids love them

Got a bit scrappy towards the end as some of my joints were wrong so rather than redraw/recut I just fudged some cuts, glue etc.

If I did this again (or in fact created a real size ramp with cnc for example) I would find some way to figure out exactly how the long the surface sheets need to be, I’m sure there’s a formula for calculating length along the curves but this was just cut with a Stanley knife.

Needs some finish but I think I’ll let the kids paint it

Can’t get enough of the laser cutter


Looks good! As far as getting joints right on curves, this tool can apparently do that:

I haven’t really played around with it yet, but it looks like it can do what you want!

Thank you! I can’t see that on my phone but will have a play later

Or Fusion 360 sheet metal function!

Bloody cool! Fill the holes with wood filler, than sand it down and paint it, that will do the job. For the total length find out the circumference of each curve (C = 2 π r) + add other straight measurements.

C = Circumference
2 = Whole circle
π = Pi (3.142 constant number)
r = Radius

Calculator: Google calculators