Laser being odd...again!

I’m surely not the only one who’s noticed the laser, or more specifically, the PC connected to it and the link between the two (JC) has been behaving odd for a while now. I’m not the most technically gifted but I used to be able to get stuff done on there. Now EVERY time I use it there is a bloody problem. I’m simply trying to cut some ply. I have a template. It’s coloured red. I transfer it to JC and it changes bloody colour and tells me it is going to take 597mins to cut a 50 x 20 word. One pass. 100 power. .75 Speed. WTF is going on?! This is the 4th project in a row I seem incapable of doing because JC will not play ball. Either itcuts half my template off, or doesn’t recognise my lines or changes the bloody colour. I’ve tried .bmp, .jpg and .psd - all files I happily used up until the beginning of this year. Since then it’s gone to ratshit.

Is anyone laser savvy about in the next hour or so please? I’m doing my nut here!!

Tim and I were playing with this the other night - he had better luck using illustrator rather than inkscape if that helps.

I’ve struggled to get it to cut lately.


Cheers mate. Got someone looking at it now. So frustrating :rage:

People need to stop using inkscape until they fix the problem I think.

I believe this is an inkscape problem, yeah. I was reading a forum post elsewhere about how they have ahem ‘made technical alternations’ to their print profiling, which makes the use of plotter style output break entirely.

This is being looked at by @Courty, I think he’s suggesting rolling back to an earlier Inkscape


I wasn’t using Inkscape. I’m not familiar with it.

On this occasion it appears to be, ahem, user error!

@Dani_Clode stepped in and sorted it out. My lines were transferring over as pixels as opposed to vectors. She imported my file from photoshop to illustrator and sorted them out. Thanks again for that.

I still stand by my observation that there’s gremlins in there somewhere as so many little niggles crop up far too often for my liking!

See Laser investigation last night for details