Large CNC Project

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I’m considering creating some boxes to store some small tools and consumables in so that I don’t have to rummage through all my large toolboxes if I need something. Vcarve Pro has a Box Creator gadget that I can use for the basic box, and then I’ll edit the box to add grab holes, etc. Before I get too carried away, I’d like to know if there are any settings/downloads that need to be considered before using the 8’ x 4’ table.

Hi David,

Why don’t you cut the boxes on the laser cut?
I might understood your idea wrongly…


Federico, I didn’t consider the laser cutter because I don’t think the bed is big enough. Do you know what the maximum dimensions of the work area is?

Technical specifications

Cutting area : 726 x 432 mm
Maximum cut depth: 12 mm
Maximum work piece height: 200 mm
Accuracy: 5µm

From the tool page: