Laptop screens looking for good homes

My employer is about to recycle loads of 13.3" laptop screens from broken laptops.
In most cases the screens are still perfectly usable.

I’ve done some research and these can be used for:

  1. Raspberry pi screens, smart mirrors etc - provided you can find an appropriate LVDS controller board (like this). You will probably need to make an enclosure. Some of the screens have part number LQ133M1JW02, but there may be others.
  2. LED light panels - some tricky soldering, but otherwise simple. Use these for LED lighting, backlit (lasercut) artwork, lighting lithophanes (maybe)
  3. Use the diffuser sheets for something

So, would anyone like some?



I can use some.

I’d be very interested in trying something like #2 out if they’re just going to get thrown out otherwise!

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I just tried soldering one. Didn’t go so well. I released the white smoke.
However, my soldering skills are probably just not up to the task - those pads are tiny.
I’ll bring in all the screens I have, and members can have a go.

I have a couple of driver boards, I’m happy to get one

I have placed around 12 screens in the laptop box.
Some are still enclosed, and could be used as they are with the addition of the driver board.
Some are out of their enclosures but also usable as monitors with the addition of a driver board.
Others are out of their enclosures with a broken LCD layer, and these can be used for LED lighting.

Please don’t hack the laptops!


This have been now moved on the electronics benches.

I don’t think we need them anymore?

We need a WEEE bin.

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We can put them in the 3-week box and announce it?

Sure, please do

These screens are now in the 3 week box, so grab them before they are gone!

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