Lacquer over paint

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I plan on painting my wood but I wanted to protect it against humidity. I was wondering if anyone has any experience with protecting painted wood? It seems that you can lacquer over latex paints, has anyone tried that?

On a related note, I vaguely remember something about spray painting at the space; is it still possible?

I’ve used polyurethane varnish over paint before and it’s worked out fine, no idea about lacquer though

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Cheers. I’m mostly trying to be lazy since spray lacquer is quick and easy (or so the internet says)!

Yeah not having to faff around with paintbrushes etc. is always nice

I think all the solvents and stuff that keep it liquid enough to spray out of a can could sort of melt away the upper layer of paint and leave it looking weird

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I guess that’s why it seems to be mostly suggested for latex paint. I should do a test run on a disposable piece of wood and see how I like it

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