Kitchen unit project

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I’m making a unit for our kitchen for some extra storage. I’m using spruce for most of the structure which will be painted. It’ll then have an Elm worktop and oak slats for the shelves. All to be revealed soon.

For now, who could have predicted that turning these…

Into these…

Would be such a carpet unfriendly activity!?

Top side is planed and edges matched. I’m going to glue it up then tidy up the bottom (a bit) in one go. Looking forward to being able to use the planer in the space in the future!

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What you need is a natural fibre carpet. It doesn’t have a pile, it’s woven together so there is nowhere for dust to get trapped. The dust simply lies upon the surface. I have it in my living room where I do my woodwork and since I installed it I have noticed a significant drop in the amount of dust being deposited elsewhere in the flat. Of course you could get vinyl. Do you live in a boat?

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