Keg mount

Hi @mbg (pretty sure you’re the right person) -this is the bit of wood you helped me cut yesterday. Just thought I’d explain why, but also if anyone can help me I have another small task still to do…

This is all exactly as I had planned, except that I didn’t account for extra headroom I would need to attach the keg disconnects on the top…

I just need a few millimetres, but since I’ve drilled the fridge and all, my only option is to cut back the steel mount that the keg is hanging off. 5mm off should all be fine.

It’s made of 3mm thick stainless steel though, so needs some hefty cutting. Recommendations for the best way to do this? Reckon I can just do it with a hacksaw?

Angle grinder with cutoff wheel is a good go-to!

I just went ahead and hacksawed it because I have one at home… I feel alright about skipping gym today now.


Good work! :muscle:

Just for completion… the finished job


Nice! Looking good! But I can’t really tell how good without tasting it… :slight_smile: