Juke Box advice

Hey clever people! I need some advice! My dad has been helping me renovate an old Jupiter jukebox and there’s one part we can’t make - the metal rack has snapped.

We tried cutting one out of plastic but it’s not strong enough. It’s 3mm and looks like this (attached)

Does anyone have any ideas? It needs to be very accurate because it dictates where the record goes.

I was hoping to get it going for next weekend, and it’s the last remaining part. Anyone got any ideas?

Thank you so much!

Hi tinkalo, :smiley: well there are a few paths you could go down, the first is make a template and transfer on to a piece of metal and cut out with a saw and file the rough cut to as near as the original one, or if you could get access to a plasma cutter that will upload a cad file to a pre designed specification , or a water jet cutting system will achive the same results, also it could be done on a milling machine with a rotary cutting head, however if you would like it in Perspex we do have a laser cutter at the space you could use if you have taken the laser induction course (I hope this is of some help ) Brian D=

I’m sure someone would laser cut it for you if you upload the file.

There’s probably commercial laser cutter services which will cut metal for you.

I think you can engrave metal at the space and then cut it by hand

You could get it commercially laser cut in steel or aluminium, but there’s often a minimum charge.
You could try laser cutting yourself in delrin (aka acetal) which would be tougher than acrylic.