Johannes is sick!

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Hi Sam / @3dprint techs

Johannes has come back with an error at the end of the print to say the filament won’t clear from the print head.

Is there anything I can do to sort the machine for the next person plz?


This might be for a number of reasons. (Hopefully none of the ones I’ve spent ages fixing!) get it to retry. If still not working powe cycle the machine by taping out and in and then unload filament form the filament table. If still not working check the spring that is in the AMS hub (on the back of the printer not the AMS unit) is moving freely

I tried all those things yesterday. There is a broken bit of filament between the AMS and Bambu which needs to be removed somehow.

Thanks - I tried a few things before I had to leave and take my Dad to the station - managed to get the filament out, but not too sure if the head is clear and ready to use.

Apologies in advance to the next person if it’s not working properly!

On m’y way now will have a look in a bit

Thanks Sam

Johannes is feeling better I need to have a look at Robert though. will do so soon.

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The Bambu on the left (the older one) was giving an error message about the lidar camera needing cleaning.

Everyone is fixed now and the trouble filament will be dealt with. Both had brittle filament (the same Roll) that broke in the PTFE tube. Whoever was using it you may well notice some gapping in your prints.

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