Jewellery bench peg and chair needed

(Lili) #1

Hi all,

Would anyone happen to have a jeweller’s bench peg going spare for use in the metal tech area. It would be very useful for precision filing and hand sawing.

If yes, pls let me know.


(Paul Court) #2

Hi Lili

if no one has one and you think it would be useful longer term, you are welcome to get a price on one and make a proposal for purchase ?


(Chris Ratcliffe) #3

Hi - I’ve had one kicking around unused for years - If I can find it I will donate it.
Unlikely to be at the space until next week though!

(Paul Court) #4

That would be awesome Chris, Many thanks.


(Lili) #5

Yay! Result! Thank Chris! If you leave it on the shelf just right to the entrance door of the metal tech area, on the jewellery shelf, I’ll mount it on the bench and clean the area under the bench so it can be utilised for jewellery making. :grin::pray:

(Chanelle) #6

I have several, from running workshops. If you let me know when your next in I can bring down. For you to use.

(Lili) #7

I’ll be in the workshop tomorrow morning. Is your idea just to lend it to the workshop for a day or are you in the position to donate it?
Thank you

(Lili) #8

@Chris_R any luck in digging the bench peg out?

(Chris Ratcliffe) #9

Yes, I found it yesterday, I’ll drop it off late afternoon / early evening.
I have lost my fob though, so I’ll need to figure out how to get a replacement for that!

(Chanelle) #10

I think there was a discussion around having a lockable cabinet for jewellery tools. If that happens, happy to donate to the space. But without that system probably not, as I have had various bits that have been broken or gone missing.

I’m in the space today but I didn’t see your message until I’d left the house. Happy to bring it in tomorrow eve, if your around?

(Chris Ratcliffe) #11

I left the peg on the jewellery shelf.
The anvil part will need apolish.
I have included a pattern to make replacement wooden pegs if anyone wants to find a use for small hardwood offcuts!

(Lili) #12

Thanks so much @Chris_R!

(Lili) #13

Hey C I think we may be some time away from that but by all means this is something I’d love to build up to. I’m doing a wood working course in the states in Dec so will be investing time and effort to make lockable cupboards and shelves.