Jesmonite vanity worktop

Haven’t been to the space for a long time now unfortunately doing my GP exams etc.
Anyway. I though I would share some DIY I did recently.

We have a tiny cloakroom downstairs and my other half and I built a vanity unit with a custom terrazzo style top made from Jesmonite. The unit itself is a frame built between two solid brick walls and so I had to work around their inherent unsquareness. Kept a gap underneath which stops it looking so boxed in and is a convenient place for my slippers.

This is what it looked like before:

Jesmonite mixed up and poured into a mould.

Tipped out mould when set and then sanded for bloody ages exposing chips of (already set) coloured jesmonite which we had mixed into the base mixture.

Ready to go - although it feels like a slab of slate , it will bend if not fully supported across the span with e.g wood.

We were so pleased we made a matching top to the hidden cistern box. (colour matching is tricky!).

For such a small room it involved some work.- e.g hiding the pipes and we installed a wall hung japanese wash toilet which is most convenient in times of bog roll shortage.


Looks like a great install! Nice finish on the Jesmonite. Just out of interest did you fit in the sink yourself or have to get the plumber round?


Nah push fit plumbing straightforward.just remember to check all joins have pipe inserts.
I chased out a deep trench in the solid wall and ran the drainage as well as hot and cold pipes. Ran it for a good few weeks to make sure no leaks before Tiling.

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Ok awesome! Thanks for the help mate, not planning on tackling anything like this soon but good to know it’s doable