Items for Room kits | what do you need in the workshop that's never there?

During COVID members are allocated to a single workshop for their session

We strongly encourage members not to enter other workshops, but recognise the need to grab equipment or materials from other areas

To reduce this need we’re putting together some kits containing the common items

We want to know what else we should add, so please comment below and we’ll see what we can do

So far:

  • scissors
  • duct tape
  • masking tape
  • cable ties
  • craft knife
  • tape measure
  • pen
  • pencil
  • paper
  • ?
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Permanent marker
Sanding paper

Outdoor benches require moving tools from inside,
Would we double up on sanding, sawing, drilling tools??


For messy area Different grades of sanding paper, clamps, philips head and straight screwdriver, sander, charged drill.

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Also metal ruler, one of these belongs in metal area but tends to end up in wood shop!

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Good stuff, will add most of this

But ‘sander’? What type and for what use, as can’t raise dust

Metal ruler
Sandpaper/sanding block
Dustpan & brush