Isolation-Friendly making

Hi everyone,

I know there’s already a thread for projects relating to the current pandemic, but I thought it would be useful to have a thread for non-makerspace related making - ideas for people to try at home which maybe don’t require a workshop or specialised tools.

Myself I’d be keen to have a crack at any resources for RaspPis or Arduino based learning.


I could sure use a suggestion of a reasonable soldering iron to use now I don’t have access to the workshops

if you have a spare laptop powerbrick with the barrel jack style dc connector, with at least… 19volts then a ts100 soldering iron is pretty decent and cheap. theres also a really cheap but equally awesome t12 clone called a quikko

ive used the ts100 to work on macbook motherboards and they soak up so much of the heat of most irons but that little beast had no trouble whatsoever. ive only used the t12 clone once but seems to have decent performance as well.

eyes down for a full house brush up on your programing join THE CODE PROJECT and ARDUINO PLAYGROUND use programes like PROTEUS areis//isis to simulate circuits